Risks of Rainfall Intensity on Geomorphic Processes of Duhok Governorate in Northwest Iraq using RS and GIS Indian

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Risks of Rainfall Intensity on Geomorphic Processes of Duhok Governorate in Northwest Iraq using RS and GIS Indian 

Ruqaya Ahmed M. Amin 
Balsam Shaker Shnichal 

College of Art, Iraqia University, Iraq

Journal of Ecology (2020) 46 Special Issue (8): 7-14 


  The U.S. satellite data was used to obtain rainfall data for the period (2000-2018) for weather maps of the region's systems, and the analysis of the rainy season (2015-2016) included more than 40 measuring stations. During the rainy season, 68 rainfalls that varied in intensity and quantity were recorded. Geomorphic processes represent natural and chemical changes that affect the preparation of materials for processes and thus alter the form of the Earth through erosion, transportation and deposition. This can measure the impact of rain intensity, which divides the world into morphogenetic regions; type of precipitation and its effect is measured for the effect of rain drops, rills erosion and gully erosion. digital processing of space data for the American satellite Landsat 8 was used for chang detection in land cover change due to rainfalls of rainy season, digital elevation data to determine slopes, and application of EPM coefficient to identify the direct impact of intensities on geomorphic operations in northwestern Iraq Governorate of Dohuk. 

Keywords: Risk, Rrainfall intensity, Geomorphic, Duhok, Northwest Iraq, RS & GIS 


  The overall erosion of the region is moderate to weak except for the height area facing the pressure systems, which increases the precipitation. There is a relationship between the penetration of the systems and their entry times to increase rainfall. The existence of a relationship between the duration of the systems and their types with recurrence of precipitation especially the north-western sides where the processes of effective precipitation increased by environmental effects. The possibility of using the degradation protection coefficient (pop-car) for the GAFRLOVEC model showed the results of the relationship between the increasing slope of the area and the rareness of vegetation density (soil protection coefficient) and weak lithological resistance, a strong relationship with potential erosion. Predict the rainfall that accompanies depressions, which is becoming more predictable, and develop periodical to protect citizens and users of land from farmers. Provide a program to manage the protection of the area through the use of the protective coefficient (vegetation) resistance erosion. Use of management mechanisms in the investment of slopes corresponds to protection and lack of degradation such as contour terraces.

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