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Digital Modelling of Geomorphic Hazards due to Lunar Gravity in Lake of Mosel Dam using Remote Sensing Data and GIS

Digital Modelling of Geomorphic Hazards due to Lunar Gravity in Lake of Mosel Dam using Remote Sensing Data and GIS

Ruqaya Amin

Department of Geography and Geographic Information Systems, Faculty of Arts, Iraqia University, Baghdad, Iraq

Indian Journal of Ecology (2020) 46 Special Issue (8): 15-20


  The collapses inside the closed reservoirs frequently result in a reduction in the chronological age of the reservoirs due to several factors, including geological formation, topography and climate, as well as water supplies, and monitoring the records of the daily water levels of the Mosul Lake reservoir. To raise the level of water, with a lack of interest in the dates of releases of water and reflected on the amounts of sediments due to the deterioration of the banks as a result of rising water levels within the rocks increases geomorphic hazards.GIS and Remote Sensing techniques were used to monitor the height of the levels and their compatibility with the field measurements of the reservoir of the Mosul Lake daily. A sophisticated model was made based on the integration of the databases that are depended on the Hijri calendar as a base In the follow-up of the variation of the reservoir levels and their connection with physical variables (Geology - topography - climate - soil - with the movement of the moon (Tides) and by using linear equations that show the nature of the regulation of the phenomenon in the variations of the levels with the apparent moon motion from one side and its relationship of the of the banks deterioration and increase of sediments within the reservoir on the other hand. The results indicated that in the first and third weeks of each lunar month. 

Keywords: Geomorphic hazards, Closed water lakes, Remote sensing, GIS, Lake Mosel dam, Digital modelling, Hijri calendar, Tides


  The movement of the moon (tides) has a direct effect on the difference in the level of the closed reservoir.There is a relationship between the date of the release of water incomes within the reservoir and the movement of the moon, which increases the deterioration of the banks and increase the contaminated sediments on the one hand by dissolving limestone and saltrocks, and increase the solid sediments of different sizes.The relationship between the type and porosity and composition of rocks and the quantities and type of sediments inside the reservoir. The variation in the level affects the size of the sediments temporally and spatially and its appear in the south end of the lake close to the body of the dam.Considering the shallow areas within the lake is the basis in comparing the difference in the level.Imperceptible pressure for the phenomenon movement of the Moon, with different level had active effects on the environmental degradation of strategic construction as closed water reservoirs for their correlation with economic activities (electric power generation, agriculture, industry, daily water use by population, tourism, etc.).Preparation of temporally tables that calculate the quantities of releasing water incoming for closed reservoirs for Tigris River with the days of the movement of the Moon to reduce the difference levels and avoid the raising of water and reduce its movements inside the reservoir and thus reduce pressure on the banks, which willincreases the efficiency of the reservoir for a longer period on the one hand and reduce pollution by dissolving limestone On the other hand. Trying to control the water networks which its water ends in the reservoir, especially during periods of rainfall in the region to avoid sediments due to the flash floods caused by the orographic rain that prevails in the region.


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