Analysis of the Climate Data (Earth Observation Stations and Space Stations) Through Geographic Information System

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Analysis of the Climate Data (Earth Observation Stations and Space Stations) Through Geographic Information System

Balsam Shaker Shnichal

Department of Geography and GIS, Faculty of Arts, Iraqia University, Baghdad, Iraq


  Earth observation stations' data on meteorological parameters is inadequate for several technical or financial reasons as well as data interpretation under different circumstances. This leads to misleading and inaccuracy for their results, so it was necessary to search for an alternative to achieve accuracy. The digital data of space station in climatic studies such as TIRS, NOAA, GOES, NIMBUS, ERS-1, METEOSAT-9 are the means to fill the shortage of data recorded by earth observation stations. The present study focused on space recordings with earth observations and tested its accuracy extent using the Pearson correlations coefficients, the results showed that there was a strong direct relationship between space and ground data (r=0.931-0.970), proving the accuracy and convergence of its records with the ground data. 

Keyword: Satellite data, Climate data, Weather forecasts, GIS, Accuracy

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