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تحليل جغرافي لأثر المناخ على أمراض الأطفال غير الانتقالية المسجلة في محافظة النجف الأشرف للمدة (2009 - 2015م)

تحليل جغرافي لأثر المناخ على أمراض الأطفال غير

الانتقالية المسجلة في محافظة النجف الأشرف للمدة

(2009 - 2015م)

رسالة مقدمة إلى مجلس كلية التربية للبنات - جامعة الكوفة

 وهي جزء من متطلبات نيل شهادة الماجستير في الجغرافية

تقدمت بها

زينب صالح عبد الله الإبراهيمي


الأستاذ المتمرس الدكتور

عبد علي حسن الخفاف

1438 هـ - 2017 م

Geographical Analysis of Climatic
Effects on Non –infectious Diseases of
Children Which Recorded in Al- Najaf
Al- Ashraf Governorate (2009-2015)

A thesis Submitted to the Council of the faculty of Education for girls -university of Kufa in Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master in Geography


Zainab Salih Abd Allah Al-Ibrahimi

Supervised by

Chair Prof. Dr. 
Abd Ali Hassan Al- Khaffaf

2017 A.D - 1438 A.H

Geographical Analysis of Climatic Effects on Non –infectious Diseases of Children Which Recorded in Najaf Governorate (2009-2015). 

Zainab Salih Abd Allah


  This study addressed the geographical analysis of non –infectious diseases which recorded in holy Najaf governorate .The study attempted to answer the following questions: 

- How did the non –infection diseases associated with the seasonal changing of Climate. 

- How these diseases have been distributed on the study area . 

Two hypotheses have been put: 

- The diseases are related to seasonal climatic changing .They constitute two peaks: summer and winter. 

- As for the spatial distribution of these diseases we shall see the rising prevalence of these diseases in the rural administrative units.

  This study included an introduction, five chapters, conclusions and recommendations. 

 The chapters are : 

- chapter one : The study theoretical frame: It includes the problem, hypotheses, approach ,method, area and period, concepts and review. 

- chapter two: General characteristics of the climate of the study area: The study area is generally characterized by drought . with long summer where radiation is high and temperature rise .the wind ,especially in the summer ,is dusty . 

- chapter three: Types of non –infectious diseases of children :This chapter deals with non - infection children diseases and that recorded in Najaf governorate and their general characteristics . 

Notice of the chapter to the number of recorded diseases according to gender and age .Total of that diseases are (26) kinds which included 233751 injuries by average of 33393.

  It was found the number of female injuries is more than the number of male injuries . The group 1-4 years is the highest number of injuries of the group less than one year , this is because the age group (1-4) is more exposed to external conditions . 

- Chapter four: Seasonal trend and the static relation between diseases and climate : In this chapter we note that the summer is the highest in the number injuries , because it is the most in the number of months , it includes five months ,may , June, July , august, and September. The of injuries was 95625. After that winter comes ,which includes three months , December ,January and February . which 13049 injuries . In the spring , which includes two months , march and April ,the number of injuries is 40089 . Finally, in the autumn with two months , October and November ,the number of injuries was 39801. 

  The difference in the number of injuries between the seasons of the year due to the difference in the number of months in each season . In order to Know the emergence of diseases seasonally we calculated the average monthly diseases. This average reached 19413 in the winter , slightly lower to 19125 in the summer ,it rises slightly in the autumn to 19901 and to 20043 in the spring which is the highest average . 

  According to the relationship between Climate variables and studied diseases we note the Link relationship between the temperature, maximum and minimum temperature with all studied diseases is alit fee relationship except with wasting and hypertension diseases it with be strong relationship . 

  With the diseases , Asthma and psoriasis the relationship is a string a negative, but with . some diseases of structural system the relation is moderate relationship when it is moderate negative with the headache.

  The relationship between the diseases and dust storms is positive or little negative vitamin (D) deficiency it is a strong negative and moderate with The epilepsy . It is a moderate positive with hypertension . 

  According to the relative humidity The relationship is either negative or little positive with all diseases except food wasting The relationship is negative but with asthma , psoriasis and hypertension it a strong positive. 

- Finally , the fifth chapter deals with time trend and spatial distribution of diseases : In this chapter we found that injuries peaked at 43470 in 2o13 .This number fell in 2014 and 2015 to 37969 and 32035. 

   According to spatial distribution Najaf Kadaa is ranked first in terms of the number of injuries (16396) due to the number of population and the best medical services .In Kufa Kadaa injuries reached (9288) and AL-mandrah reached to (6351) . The cause of decrease of injuries in Al- mandrah is the decrease of medical services , so the people try to get the medical services from AL- najaf qadaa .

   Due to ratio spread of diseases for 10000 people , the ratio in 2015 was 1446 injuries in AL-najaf governorate .it rises to (1680) in AL- kufa kadaa fell to (1540)in AL-manadrah and to (1310)in AL-najaf. Finally the study reached to (11)results and to (5) recommendations. 

  The most important results could be summarized as following:- 

- These diseases appeared in two peaks ,Summer and Winter. 

- The most rising prevalence's are in the districts of Al-Kufa and Al– manadhirah qadaa .

 The researcher submits the following recommendations:- 

A-new map for the medical staff must be carried out in the governorate . 

B-To establish and activate the maternity and child care centers.

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