تقييم كفاءة طرق النقل البري بين مراكز الوحدات الإدارية في محافظة القادسية - محمد فشلان هلول موسى - أطروحة دكتوراه 2019م

تقييم كفاءة طرق النقل البري

 بين مراكز الوحدات الإدارية 

في محافظة القادسية

أطروحة تقدم بها

محمد فشلان هلول موسى

إلى مجلس كلية الآداب جامعة القادسية

 وهي جزء من متطلبات شهادة الدكتوراه / فلسفة في الجغرافية


الأستاذ المساعد الدكتور

حمادي عباس حمادي الشبري

1440هـ - 2019م

Evaluation of efficiency of road transport between the centers of administrative units in Qadisiyah Governorate

Thesis by:

Mohammed Fashlain Hallol Musa

Submitted To The council of college of Arts AL-Qadisiya University Which As a partial of fulfillment of the Requirements of PhD Degree in Geography

Supervised by

Assistant Prof.Dr. 
Hammadi Abbas Hammadi AL-Shubbary

2019 A.D -  1440 A.H

Evaluation of efficiency of road transport between the centers of administrative units in Qadisiyah Governorate


   The network of paved land transport routes is an indication of the level of civilization reached by the region or the region and the strength of the relationship between the notes (cities) that connect them within their spatial framework. The purpose of this study is to study the stages of development of paved roads, their lengths, their numbers and their types of the level of administrative units and their spatial distribution in light of the spatial variation in Qadisiyah Governorate and the interpretation and analysis of this distribution in order to evaluate the network of paved roads and quantify the characteristics and characteristics of the network. Comparing them with quantitative statistical indicators to determine the amount of deficit at the level of administrative units of the amount of current and future land transport routes.

  To achieve this, the general geographical approach, the historical approach, the descriptive approach and the quantitative approach have been followed. The study consisted of five chapters. The first chapter included three topics. The first section studied the theoretical framework of the study, and presented the most important theoretical concepts of transport geography related to the subject of the study, the second issue was taken care of the study of the administrative structure of the leader of Qadisiyah, while the third section was launched to study the natural geographical recognition of the leader of Qadisiyah.

 The second chapter included two sections dealing with the first topic, presenting the stages of time for the development of road transport roads, bridges and the preparation of cars, while the second studied the classification of roads and bridges, while the chapter third recommended that the spatial distribution of the roads of land front landing standards according to several criteria, as chapter four was deducted to study the quantitative analysis of the wild transport methods to adopt standards and indicators to assess its efficiency depending on the benefit of the specific values of indicators.

  The fifth chapter was devoted to evaluating the efficiency of land transport methods using modern scientific methods, the first section deals with geographical information and statistical methods, the second section is devoted to the extent of the current and future need for paved roads based on scientific and design criteria for the year 2030. For residents of the study area.

  The study reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which is that the degree of connection to the network of paved roads in the province is characterized by high efficiency, and the presence of more than one network according to the approved indicators, especially the Beta index, and that this network is characterized by its rotation (full ring character), which reached the level (0.07) according to the Alpha index, as showed the Geographic in formation systems (the closest neighbor link), these methods are of a regular pattern spaced and this explains the long distances of roads linking the administrative units, and that the spatial mean and the focal point lies to the west of the city of Diwaniyah and that the complex safeties central in terms of short distance and easy access between the contract studied, the analysis of the variables of transport routes has been shown, the variable number of nodes is the most important variable in evaluating the efficiency of roads, However, the data presented in evaluating the efficiency of these methods are objective and high – Precision data, as well as proposals that could be radical solutions to the problems of the transport network in the province , as well as list of scientific sources and references approved in the writing of this study.

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