الإمكانات الجغرافية ومدى ملاءمتها لزراعة محاصيل مقترحة في قضاء شط العرب - إبراهيم علي العيساوي - أطروحة دكتوراه 2011م

الإمكانات الجغرافية ومدى ملاءمتها لزراعة محاصيل مقترحة 

في قضاء شط العرب

أطروحة تقدم بها

إبراهيم علي العيساوي 

إلى مجلس كلية الآداب في جامعة البصرة 

وهي جزء من متطلبات نيل دكتوراه فلسفة 

في الجغرافية


الأستاذ المساعد الدكتور

منعم مجيد حمد الحماده

الأستاذ المساعد الدكتور

وليد عبد الرضا جبيل

2011م - 1432هـ

The Geographical Potentialities in Shatt Al-Arab District and their Suitability for Planting the Suggested Field Produce

A Dissertation Submitted to the Council of College of Arts / Basra University in partial Fulfillments of Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Geography

By Ibrahim Ali Alisawi

Supervised By

Assist. Prof

Munim Majid Hamad Al - Hamada

Assist. Prof 

Whalid Abdulriza Jibeel

1432 - 2011


  The suggested field produces are regarded as strategic economical produces for their importance to fulfill a great deal of food consumption needs of population , and decrease the necessity of import from the outside , via ensuring food security in addition to the provision of raw materials which are involved in most of the industries that can be developed not in Shatt Al – Arab district only , but also in the whole governorate Basrah as well , especially that these produces are characterized by their diversity of uses in food and industry .

  The current study aims at shedding some light on the geographical , natural and human potentialities of Shatt Al – Arab district . It also investigates whether these potentialities are suitable for planting such produces like cereal produces ( Maze Indialu Corn , grain Sorghum Corn and Porso Millet ) , the Oleic produces (Sesame , Sunflower , and Safflower) , bean produces (Broad Bean , Dry Bean Cowpeas and green gram ) , and feed produces (Oats , Alfalfa , and Birds Foot trefoil ) . Moreover , it tackles the most prominent problems that may face the planting of such produce , and the best ways to get rid of the problems for the purpose of developing and expanding the planting of these produces.

  The study involves three chapters . The first chapter is devoted to deal with the Geographical potentialities of Shatt Al – Arab district , the first chapter has been divided into two sections one the hand . The first deals with Natural geographical potentialities represented by the Geographical Location , geographical formation , surface and climatic properties , soil and water resources . On the other hand , The second section is concerned with the geographical as well as the human potentialities of the district represented by working hands , watering and perforation systems , the planting operations , and the Agricultural policy and transportation .

  The second chapter has been divided into three sections , all of which handle a certain aspect. The first section has tackled the economic importance of the suggested field produces .the second focuses on the natural necessities of these produces from the light term , The basic heat limits , the quality of the soil up to their watering needs . whilst ,the third section has dealt with the human and agricultural necessities of these produces , in which it involved the best ways of planting and the most significant classes that can suit this district such as the amount of seeds , the fertilizers , and cropping for the purpose of having the best quality and quality of these produce .

 Concerning the third chapter , it has been divided into three main section . the first has revealed the natural problems that might be effecting the process of the planting of the suggested field produce . Those problems are represented by the climatic problems and the leaving problems that Shat Al – Arab and the surrounding watering channels are suffered from . Also , it is not to forget the human problems represented by the lack of efficiency of the watering systems , as they do not suit the needs of those produces . In addition to that , there is a problem of increasing the rate of saltiness and the rabbis . They are regarded as natural results to the military operations . And these results are regarded as the largest obstruction that face the management of planting the suggested field produces . The second section has been dealt with the best ways to resolve these problems and assist the process of planting of these produce .

  Finally , I can conclude that Shat Al – Arab district is characterized by a great deal of potentialities . Those Geographical potentialities that qualify the planting of certain produce , especially grain Sorghum Corn , Safflower and Cotton , and also the feed produce as they cannot stand the dryness , the high rates of saltiness in soil , these two problems are regarded as the main problems effecting the process of planting Shat Al – Arab district . Moreover , it become obvious that furrow way of planting can be considered as the perfect way suiting those produces . The reason is typically related to its role to decrease the lost of water , also it declines the saltiness rates except in the case of feed produce . Because in the case of feed produce , it is noticed that wing panels and using the dropping of water can guarantee the expansions in the planting of the suggested field produces .


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