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التحليل المكاني للمتغيرات الاقتصادية والتعليمية وعلاقتها بظاهرة الفقر في محافظة المثنى للمدة 2007 - 2016م - أحمد مهدي حمزه الجياشي - رسالة ماجستير 2019م

التحليل المكاني للمتغيرات الاقتصادية والتعليمية

وعلاقتها بظاهرة الفقر في محافظة المثنى
للمدة 2007 - 2016م 

رسالة مقدمة إلى 

مجلس كلية التربية للعلوم الإنسانية / جامعة المثنى

وهي جزء من متطلبات نيل شهادة الماجستير آداب في الجغرافية

تقدم بها الطالب

أحمد مهدي حمزه الجياشي


أ.د. رعد عبد الحسين محمد الغريباوي

أ.د. محمد حسن رشم العتبي

1440هـ - 2019م

Spatial Analysis for the Economic and
Educational Variables and their Relation with
the Poverty Phenomenon in the Governorate
of Al-Muthanna 2007-2016 A.D

A Thesis
Submitted to The Council of the College of Education for Humanities –Department of Geography - University of AL- Muthanna in partial Fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master Of Arts in geography


Ahmed Mahdi Hamzah Al- Jayashi


Prof. Dr.
Raad Abd –AL Hussein

Prof. Dr.
Mohammad Hassan

2019 A.D 1440 H


 The problem of poverty has got an international attention and it became unlimited to the lake of income, rather, it includes the shortage of the basic requirement for human living as well as the need to get the human needs, among all the cognitive ones. As a result, most countries aims at investing its natural and human sources so that to reduce this phenomenon and achieve a sustainable development.

  The present study has dealt with the economic and educational variables and their relationship with the phenomenon of poverty in Al-Muthanna governorate for the period 2007-2016 within a geographical scientific methodological framework based on geographical basis and detailed data related with the sample of the study. In addition, discovering the reasons behind this phenomenon and setting some effective solutions.

   So, the present study aims at identifying the level and percentage of poverty within the sample area of the study as well as studying the economic, educational, and social capabilities that are related with poverty and leading to it. Poverty has started to be seen as not only the shortage of income for the individuals, rather, it also includes the deprivation form the requirements that raise the individual and enable him/her to grow up regularly and perform all his/her activities normally. 

  The present study has concludes that the percentage of poverty in Al- Muthanna governorate has started to be raised as it was (48.8 %) in 2007 and became (54.5%) in 2016. This means that more than half of the population of the governorate are living under the poverty level. The study has also observed that there is high diversity in the percentages among the cities and towns of the governorate: Al-Salman City came at the first position as (77.5%) of its population are living under poverty. Al-Samawa City came with the least percentage with (49.7%) . the poverty gap was (5.7%), which indicates that the deepness of poverty in the sample area of the study is not very deep and adopting a good policy would highly reduce the percentage of poverty. The study recommends that the government and its institutions should adopt developing policies to raise the economic and social levels of their people to contribute in maintaining the incomes of individuals and providing them with the basic services so that to reduce the percentage of poverty. The study showed the percentage of poverty in the whole province and what areas are concentrated in the proportion of poverty phenomenon or mitigation , The researcher suggested several recommendations have the greatest impact in reducing the phenomenon of poverty .

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