How to add XYZ tiles in QGIS 3

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How to add XYZ tiles in QGIS 3

It is true that with the launch of QGIS 3 we are happy. Since it brings many features and upgrades such as improved editing of geometry, symbols, design, 3D layer, etc. But, a problem for impatient users that we don’t like to wait for, is the update of plugins.

Although many are already in QGIS 3, but unfortunately not all of them, including OpenLayers. But you can advantageously add G Maps layers and print them from QGIS 3.

The good news, some Layer TMS using NextGIS are listed below with updates script.

Add XYZ Tiles in QGIS 3

To add Tile service in QGIS 3 simply, go to XYZ Tiles in the Browser panel. Now click on a New Connection, right-click on XYZ Tiles.

New Connection XYZ Tiles QGIS 3

Enter the name, for example: G Satellite. Copy and paste one of the TMS listed above into the URL. Adjust the maximum zoom level (19). Accept all changes.

XYZ Connection QGIS 3

This way, a connection to G Satellite is established by XYZ Tile in QGIS 3. To view inside QGIS simply double-click or drag the XYZ Tile service to the layers panel.

Google Satellite on QGIS 3

In the same way you can add the rest of the TMS described at the beginning of this tutorial, for example: G Maps.

Google Maps on QGIS 3

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