Groundwater in Iraq -Prepared by Ahmed Srdah Al-Zubedi

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  Groundwater in Iraq -Prepared by Ahmed Srdah Al-Zubedi


Prepared by

Ahmed Srdah Al-Zubedi

Baghdad 2022

Scientific Review

Mr. Sallm Khalil 

Retired Expert

Dr. Ibrahim Q. Mohammed Al- Maaref 

University College

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to express my deepest gratitude and thankfulness to Allah for assisting me to complete this work. I would like to express deep gratitude and thanks to my friends Dr. Hussein Abed Jassas, Dr. Naseer H. Al-Basrawi, Dr. Dara Amin, Dr. Hassanein J. Mohammed, Mr. Ahmed Hamed, Prof. Dr. Eng. Miroslav Markovic and Eng. Faez Hussein to help me during the conducting of this work. Finally, I would like to direct my great appreciation to my family for their continuous support and encouragement, and I like to extend my great thanks to all who supported me during the conducting of this work.

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