Map of the Study area. Source: GIS Steiermark, Own map

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Map of the Study area. Source: GIS Steiermark, Own map 

Beside the traditional function of food production agricultural land also offers public advantages 

likes the protection of natural resources and landscape scenery. Preservation of biodiversity and 

landscape aesthetics are part of a multifunctional agriculture (see Junge et al., 2014).

The study area, the region of the Südsteirische Weinstraße in Southern Styria, Austria, is a region 

well-known for its small scaled landscapes, beautiful panoramas and excellent wines. Viticulture is 

one of the main income generators, wine yard areas are increasing over the last decades. But this 

forces other land use (like meadows, orchards, acres) to decline. Of course, the ongoing construc￾tion activity and growth of living areas is another important factor that influences the landscape, 

but this topic will not be discussed in detail in this seminar work.Politics, Tourism and as well locals 

want to receive the cultural landscape in this region, and as Peter Tschernko (Landtags Representa￾tive, former mayor of Eichberg-Trautenburg) said, “The most positive development would be to 

sustain this small-scaled, with quotation marks „intact“ landscape, respectively to expand this vari￾ety.” (Elsneg, 2014).

The following tries to answers the question “What are the main landscape changes along the Süd￾steirsiche Weinstraße?” and, in view of the case study, “What are the main challenges cultivating a 

farm in the study region of the Südsteirische Weinstraße


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