Download road map shapefile (Roads and Railroads

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 Download road map shapefile (Roads and Railroads

A road map is a schematic representation of road axes intended primarily for motorists to find their route and to identify and reach remarkable points. The road map uses representation scales small enough to be adapted to automobile speed (1/25,000 to 1/1,000,000 in general).

For reduced scales, in order to be legible, the roads are necessarily voluntarily very widened on the maps compared to their real width. The road map also systematically includes an indication of the mileage separating the main intersections and towns, so as to allow the calculation of the total distance of a road.

The road maps were from their origin printed on large format papers, in color, folded in accordion to maintain a practical size and to be handled easily, sometimes backed up for more solidity. The maps were also published in atlases of various formats. They are also nowadays in digital format, disseminated on the Internet or on CD-ROM for use with a GPS system.

Maps, especially in paper format, always have the additional advantage compared to a small GPS screen, of being able to easily visualize its geographical location, as well as to locate its direction in relation to large cities, a region or a country, while the GPS invites you to follow a route "mechanically" by following the roads and the route it indicates, although it is also possible to visualize the overall path, but on the very small size of the small screen.

They often indicate much more "tourist" details than "functional" GPS, such as scenic routes.

The essential qualities of a road map are its timeliness (annual update and reprint for paper maps, real-time electronic update for maps available online), its readability and the relevance of the selection of information contained therein. appear.

Download The world road map :


Download world roads 8.65 MB

Download North America roads supplement 45.57 MB


Download world railroads 14.42 MB

Download North America railroads supplement 405.5 KB

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