ArcGIS Pro 17: Create points from a table

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ArcGIS Pro 17: Create points from a table

Data that is spatial in nature is not always stored in a spatial data format. For example, street addresses and latitude-longitude coordinates identify geographic locations but are often stored in spreadsheets, databases, or text files. If you have geographic information stored as a table, ArcGIS Pro can display it on a map and convert it to spatial data.

In this tutorial, you'll create spatial data from a table containing the latitude-longitude coordinates of huts in a New Zealand national park. Huts in New Zealand are equivalent to cabins in the United States—they may or may not have sleeping bunks, kitchen facilities, electricity, and running water. The table of hut locations is stored as a comma-separated values (CSV) file (.csv). CSV files are a common, nonproprietary file type for tabular data.

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