English Advanced Vocabulary and Structure Practice

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English Advanced Vocabulary and Structure Practice 

- كتاب رائع جدا يحتوي على أنواع من الأسئلة ربما لم ترها من قبل قد تصطدم بها في المستقبل مثل :

📘¹| Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.

📘²| Put the words in the correct form.

📘³| Insert the correct preposition.

📘⁴| Rewrite the sentences using the given forms so that they retain their original meaning.

📘⁵| Choose the correct answer.

📘⁶| Replace each italicized words with a synonymous one.

📘⁷| Add the suitable verbs to make the correct phrasal verbs.

📘⁸| Fill the gaps with the correct words.

📘⁹| Write in the correct words.

- عدد صفحات الكتاب 208 صفحة.

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