Encyclopedia of geomorphology Andrew Goudi

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Encyclopedia of


Volume 1


Edited by A.S. Goudie


New Fetter Lane, London

International Association of Geomorphologists



Editorial team    vi

List of contributors   vii

List of illustrations   xvi

Foreword     xxi

Preface    xxii

Thematic entry list     xxiv

Entries A–I       1

Editorial team


A.S. Goudie

University of Oxford, UK

Assistant editor

Jan Burke

Consultant editors

Richard Dikau

University of Bonn, Germany

Basil Gomez

Indiana State University, USA

Piotr Migo ´n

University of Wroclaw, Poland

Olav Slaymaker

University of British Columbia, Canada

Alan Trenhaile

University of Windsor, Canada

Paul W. Williams

University of Auckland, New Zealand

   Geomorphology, the discipline which analyzes the history and nature of the earth's surface, deals with the landforms produced by erosion, weathering, deposition, transport and tectonic processes. In recent decades there have been major developments in the discipline and these are reflected in this major Encyclopedia, the first such reference work in the field to be published for thirty-five years.

   Encyclopedia of Geomorphology has been produced in association with the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG) and has a truly global perspective. The entries have been written by an international editorial team of contributors, drawn from over thirty countries, who are all among the leading experts in the discipline.

  In two lavishly illustrated volumes, Encyclopedia contains nearly 700 alphabetically organized entries to provide a comprehensive guide both to specific landforms and to the major types of geomorphological processes that create them. The Encyclopedia also demonstrates the major developments that have taken place in recent years in our knowledge of tectonic and climatic changes and in the use of new techniques such as modelling, remote sensing and process measurement. Older concepts, however, are not forgotten and provide an historical perspective on the development of ideas. Both accessible and authoritative, Encyclopedia of Geomorphology is destined to become the definitive resource for students, researchers and applied practitioners in the field of geomorphology and the cognate disciplines of geography, earth science, sedimentology and environmental science.


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