علاقة الخصائص المناخية بزراعة المحاصيل الزراعية في محافظة النجف - هيفاء نوري عيسى العنكوشي - رسالة ماجستير 2004م

علاقة الخصائص المناخية بزراعة المحاصيل الزراعية
في محافظة النجف

رسالة تقدمت بها

هيفاء نوري عيسى العنكوشي

إلى مجلس آلية التربية للبنات – جامعة الكوفة

جزء من متطلبات درجة الماجستير آداب في الجغرافية


الأستاذ المساعد الدكتور

علي صاحب طالب الموسوي 

الأستاذ المساعد الدكتور

عبد الحسن مدفون أبو رحيل

شعبان 1425هـ - تشرين الأول 2004 م

The Relationship of the climatic
characteristics withe Agricultural
Grops on Najaf Governorate

Athesis Submitted to
The council of the Collage of Education
For Women University of Kufa ,
ASpartial fulfillment of the Requirements
For the degree of Master in Geography


Heifa Noori issa Al-Ankushy

Dr. Abdul Hassan Madfoon Abu Rahiel

Dr. Ali Saheb Taleb  Al- Musawy

October 2004 A.D Shaban 1425 A.H


  This study aims at acknowledging the velationship between the climatic characteristics in the area of study with the climatic needs of the agricultural crops and to show up the climatic requirements and the capacity of its applicable range in both the negative and the positive aspect for this relationship. In order to reach to the case whether there is or there is no relationship with climatic characteristics this study depends on what is available from data which are concerned with the needs of the agricultural crops the relation is derived from the climatic characteristics and as confronted with the official statistic data which those characteristics bear. In order to show this relationship we started to reach to the possibility of planting or not planting certain crops which had never been planted before . According to the result of statistic analysis we may reach to the above mentioned objectives. This study takes two basic directions in this research: 

  The first part is represented by the theoretical parts while the second is represented by the practical parts which include the statistic analysis .

   The practical part included gathering the informations and the statistic data and employing the climatic and agricultural records .It also aims to improvise these parts according to the style of quantative principle in order to specify the nature of the relationship between the climatic features and the planted crops .The second part depends on the climatic statistics and through making them according to three statistic relationships i.e. Sperman ,Fredman ,and Person .The statistic relation ships are included in this part in order to show up the relationship and the climatic requirements for the following crops ;summer and winter vegetable crops, palm fields, fruit trees, oil fields and dairy crops .this part emphasizes fields study and among these results certain relationships have been practiced .The first practicing result is represented through statistic practices for summer and winter vegetarian crops . It appeared that there is a possibility of planting these crops according to the available climatic circumstances in the area of study. It seemed that the climatic characteristics becomes suitable with the climatic agricultural requirements for such crops . There is apossibility for planting sugar beet which were already planted before in this area.

   The second result .. the final result the statistic practices proved that there is a possibility for flowering fruit trees because of its planting suitibility with the requirements of the climatic characteristics in the area of study.Becuse of the positive impact in their plantation ,this aspect may be similar with the aspect of the palm trees in the area .there is a possibility for planting Olive trees and according to these climatic requirements as they were not planted before . 

  The third result is represented through statistic practices which appeared through the statistic analysis for the dairy and field crops and olive crops. The result proved the possibility for planting those crops and according to the available climatic conditions in the erea of study . the crop of (pine) which was never planted before in the erea of study appeared the possibility for planting it in the area of study.

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