تأثيرات سد حديثة على العمليات الهايدروجيومورفولوجية لنهر الفرات بين مدينتي حديثة وهيت باستخدام التقنيات الحديثة G.I.S - أمير محمد خلف عبد الدليمي - رسالة ماجستير 2011م

تأثيرات سد حديثة على العمليات الهايدروجيومورفولوجية
 لنهر الفرات بين مدينتي حديثة وهيت
 باستخدام التقنيات الحديثة G.I.S

رسالة تقدم بها

أمير محمد خلف عبد الدليمي

إلى مجلس كلية التربية للعلوم الإنسانية في جامعة الأنبار

وهي جزء من متطلبات درجة ماجستير آداب

في الجغرافيا


الأستاذ الدكتور

محمود إبراهيم متعب الجغيفي

1432هـ - 2011م


Effects of Haditha Dam on the

Hydrogeomorphological Operations of the Euphrates

between Haditha and Hit Cities

by Using G.I.S

A Thesis Submitted to the Council of the College of Education for Humanities/
University of Anbar in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of
Master of Arts in Geography.


Ameer Mohammed Khalaf Abed Al-Dulaimi

Supervised by:

Full Prof.Dr. 
Mahmood Ebraheem Mutab Al-Gughaifi

1432 B.C. - 2011 D.C.


   The present study has been concerned with the effects of Haditha Dam on the hydrological and geomorphological operations of the Euphrates between Haditha and Hit cities which are located between the latitudes (34.14.08-33.30.00) to the north and the two longitudinals (41.52.00-42.56.38) to the east. The river is fed by several seasonal valley following Haditha Dam. The total square area of the reserviour on the left side of these valleys is about 1448 square Kilometers, on the right side, it is about 4792 square Kilometers, depending on Arc view GIS V:9-2 Programme.

   Natural parameters of the study area through which the Euphrates passes with a real length of 136.94 k.m. have been investigated. The optimal length of this river in this area is 89kms, thus it represents a natural partition between the west mount and Al-Jezzra mount with the area of study. The river follows the cracks and clearages in its path. Depending on the available climatological data from Ana, Haditha and Ramadi stations, the region is characterized as a dry area. This fact is reflected on the density of natural plant cover which decreases as we go far from the riverbed.

   As far the effect of the dam on the hydrological operations of the Euphrates within the study area, it is subject to slopes of the river. Before the construction of the dam, slopes were unstable, whereas after its construction the human parameter became the controller of water amount in terms of slopes and drainage. Unfortunately, it negatively effected the water quality. Water has covered rock layers that contain some chemical materials dissolved in it. This has affected the quality of water inside the reserviour which consequently was released from the dam towards the Euphrates to increase the effect on the aggregate of the operations. As for the drainage, its maximum

  The effect of the dam on the geomorphological operations was shown through comparing the landscapes resulting from corrosion and sedimentation processes before and after the construction of the dam. It has been found that the dam has an effect on these processes though but the speed of the water current specially for a short distance next to the dam. This gives the dam the ability to erode and carry within this distance, besides the lack of dominance of flood waves on both sides of the river due to the solid control of the dam on slopes and drainages. The season of this control can be attributed to the high flexibility of the dam especially in storing big amounts of water during the times of rain falls and snow melting. This has a great role in creating balance operations inside the waterway. But we can observe the increase in flood plains due to sedimentation resulted from discards from valleys in the study area offloaded inside the waterway. This has helped in forming river islands. Some of these islands made combinations with one side of the river, which also helped in increasing the flood amount. As for sedimentation operations, they became very clear at the end of the area of the study ascending to the alluvial plain.

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