آثار التلوث البيئي في التنوع الأحيائي في محافظة البصرة - علي ناصر عبدالله الصرايفي - أطروحة دكتوراه 2019م

آثار التلوث البيئي في التنوع الأحيائي

في محافظة البصرة

أطروحة تقدم بها

علي ناصر عبدالله الصرايفي

مجلس كلية التربية للعلوم الإنسانية جامعة البصرة وهي جزء من متطلبات نيل شهادة دكتوراه فلسفة في الجغرافية


الأستاذ الدكتور

كاظم عبد الوهاب حسن الأسدي

1440هـ - 2019م

The Effects of Environmental Pollution on the Biolgical Diversity in the Governerate of Basrah

thesis submitted by

Ali Naser Abdullah Al-saraifi

Council of the College of Education for Human sciences / Basra University
It is part of the requirements of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Geographical
the of Supervision  

Prof. Dr
Kadhim Abdul Wahab Hassan Al-Asadi

2019 AD - AH 1440


  The present study aims at analyzing the impact of environmental pollution on the biodiversity in Basra. The pollution study of air and water as well as land in Basra. The researcher concludes that environmental pollution has great effect on the biodiversity in that the increase in density of that type of pollution and its exceeding limits leads to the changes in the environment resulted in the emergence of new coming species (plants and animals), and the extinction of some other species, besides the extinction of some other dominant species.

  14 types of invading natural plants have been identified, and 13 other types of natural plants have been about to extinct. There are 4 types of natural plants which have been died out. There are 5 water plant species which have been jotted down. There are also 11 invading water plant species. There are 6 local fish species about to extinct. There are also 15 water reptile species are exposed to extinction. The study specified 15 wild (milky) species exposed to die out. 10 wild species extinct. 5 reptilian species are about to extinct. 5 new reptilian species have not been found before in the study area. 29 bird species extinct. 29 bird species are about to extinct.

   The environmental changes have led to pollution and resulted in a decrease in the agricultural land spaces. The average change ratio has been directed to negative results which affected the agricultural production of some lands which have been decreased also. The number and spaces of palm trees lands have also decreased which have a negative effect on the average productivity. The study area has witnessed a vanishing lands of fruit orchards that have been flourishing for ages which ultimately resulted in the extinct of some fruit species.

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