Reading Economic Geography : Edited by Trevor J. Barnes, Jamie Peck, Eric Sheppard, and Adam Tickell

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Reading Economic

Edited by

Trevor J. Barnes, Jamie Peck,

Eric Sheppard, and Adam Tickell




Acknowledgments x

Introduction: Reading Economic Geography 1

Part I: Worlds of Economic Geography 11

Introduction: Paradigms Lost 13

1 The Difference a Generation Makes 19

David Harvey

2 Industry and Space: A Sympathetic Critique of Radical Research 29

Andrew Sayer

3 An Institutionalist Perspective on Regional Economic Development 48

Ash Amin

4 Refiguring the Economic in Economic Geography 59

Nigel J. Thrift and Kris Olds

5 The Economy, Stupid! Industrial Policy Discourse and the

Body Economic 72

J. K. Gibson-Graham

Part II: Realms of Production 89

Introduction: Problematizing Production 91

6 Is There a Service Economy? The Changing Capitalist Division

of Labor 97

Richard A. Walker

7 Uneven Development: Social Change and Spatial Divisions of Labor 111

Doreen Massey

8 Flexible Production Systems and Regional Development: The Rise

of New Industrial Spaces in North America and Western Europe 125

Allen J. Scott

9 Global–Local Tensions: Firms and States in the Global Space-Economy 137

Peter Dicken

10 The Politics of Relocation: Gender, Nationality, and Value in a

Mexican Maquiladora 151

M. W. Wright

Part III: Resource Worlds 167

Introduction: Producing Nature 169

11 Nature, Economy, and the Cultural Politics of Theory: The “War

Against the Seals” in the Bering Sea, 1870–1911 175

Noel Castree

12 Modernity and Hybridity: Nature, Regeneracionismo, and the

Production of the Spanish Waterscape, 1890–1930 189

Erik Swyngedouw

13 Oil as Money: The Devil’s Excrement and the Spectacle of Black

Gold 205

Michael J. Watts

14 Converting the Wetlands, Engendering the Environment:

The Intersection of Gender with Agrarian Change in The Gambia 220

Judith Carney

15 Nourishing Networks: Alternative Geographies of Food 235

Sarah Whatmore and Lorraine Thorne

Part IV: Social Worlds 249

Introduction: Bringing in the Social 251

16 Bringing the Qualitative State back into Economic Geography 257

Phillip M. O’Neill

17 Territories, Flows, and Hierarchies in the Global Economy 271

Michael Storper

18 Contesting Works Closures in Western Europe’s Old Industrial

Regions: Defending Place or Betraying Class? 290

Ray Hudson and David Sadler

19 Class and Gender Relations in the Local Labor Market and the

Local State 304

Ruth Fincher

20 Thinking through Work: Gender, Power, and Space 315

Linda McDowell

Part V: Spaces of Circulation 329

Introduction: From Distance to Connectivity 331

21 The End of Geography or the Explosion of Place? Conceptualizing

Space, Place, and Information Technology 336

Stephen Graham


22 Best Practice? Geography, Learning, and the Institutional Limits to

Strong Convergence 350

Meric S. Gertler

23 Blood, Thicker than Water: Interpersonal Relations and Taiwanese

Investment in Southern China 362

Y. Hsing

24 From Registered Nurse to Registered Nanny: Discursive Geographies

of Filipina Domestic Workers in Vancouver, BC 375

Geraldine Pratt

25 Discourse and Practice in Human Geography 389

Erica Schoenberger

Consolidated bibliography 403

Index 439


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