URBAN GEOGRAPHY A Study of Site, Evolution, Pattern and Classification in Villages, Towns and Cities

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URBAN GEOGRAPHYA Study of Site, Evolution, Pattern and Classification in Villages, Townsand Cities



D.Sc. (Sydney), B.E. (Mining), B.A. (Research) Cambridge
Professor of Geography in the University of Toronto
Formerly Professor of Geography at the Universities of Sydney and Chicago President of British Geographers (B.A.A.S.) 1938
President of American Geographers (A.A.G.) 1941

With a frontispiece

and 300 plans and diagrams


Publishers New York


   Twenty years ago I published the first volume of a series covering the field of Cultural Geography, It dealt with the borderland between geography and anthropology, and stressed especially the relations between Environment and Race. In 1936 the second volume (linking geography and history) appeared, and in this the interactions of Environment and Nation were investigated. During the war I wrote a third volume describing geographical aspects of the path to World Peace. This book is entided Our Evolving Civilization, and is an integrated study of the whole field of Cultural Geography. It has now been pubhshed by the University of Toronto Press. It was logically the last of the series, but it formed the text of the Messenger Lectures at Cornell, which I gave there in 1944, so that it was ready earlier than the present volume. This study of Urban Geography covers a field which, so far as I am aware, has not been traversed in any English text book. However, the shift towards urban life, obvious in all progressive nations, has resulted j in lecture courses on the subject in all the important University centres of J geography. Sociologists and Town Planners have however produced a ^ score of useful text books in complementary fields, and it is hoped that "^ the present volume wiU be of interest and value in most classes concerned with those subjects also.

   The writer has been collecting data on town evolution ever since he was engaged in the prehminary surveys for Canberra in 19 10. It will be found that almost all of the 200 towns studied have been visited in his journeys since that date. There are indeed almost an infinite number of settlements available for study, but in his courses of lectures on Urban Geography the author has naturally stressed those with which he is more or less famihar.

  North America is perhaps especially suitable as a field of research, since its northern regions show occidental settlements in every stage of early evolution—which is not the case in the older settled regions of the world.

  I have borrowed freely from memoirs by American and British ^ geographers, and such references will be found to be fully acknowledged. I owe special thanks to Lewis Mumford, who kindly gave me permission to quote extensively from the best sociological study of the subject, i.e., The Culture of Cities. A number of my graduate students have furnished me with data dealing with communities which they have especially studied. Almost all the maps are due to my own rather amateur pen. In conclusion the author realizes that this tentative study poses many unanswered problems, but such is the common lot of the pioneer. However it is hoped that future investigators of this rapidly expanding field of geography will find this volume useful in their classes, as well as a foundation for their own research.
Grifhth Taylor
Toronto University 
September, 1946

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