BORDER THEORY: The Limits of Cultural Politics

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The Limits of Cultural Politics

Scott Michaelsen

and David E. Johnson, editors

University of Minnesota Press




Acknowledgments vii

Border Secrets: An Introduction

David E. Johnson and Scott Michaelsen 1

I. The Borderlands

ONE Reflections on Border Theory, Culture, and

the Nation

Alejandro Lugo 43

TWO In the Borderlands of Chicano Identity, There Are

Only Fragments

Benjamin Alire Saenz 68

THREE On the Border with The Pilgrim: Zigzags across

a Chapl(a)in's Signature

Louis Kaplan 97

FOUR The Time of Translation: The Border of

American Literature

David E. Johnson 129

II. Other Geographies

FIVE Run through the Borders: Feminism, Postmodernism,

and Runaway Subjectivity

Elaine K. Chang 169

SIX Compromised Narratives along the Border:

The Mason-Dixon Line, Resistance, and Hegemony

Russ Castronovo 195

SEVEN Resketching Anglo-Amerindian Identity Politics

Scott Michaelsen 221

Afterword: Further Perspectives on Culture, Limits,

and Borders

Patricia Seed 253

Contributors 257

Index 259

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