جديد الموضوعات

التباين في مؤشرات التغير المناخي في عناصر مناخ العراق وظواهره الغبارية

التباين في مؤشرات التغير المناخي في 

عناصر مناخ العراق وظواهره الغبارية 

أطروحة تقدمت بها

فاطمة حمدي سلوم

إلى مجلس كلية التربية (ابن رشد)/ جامعة بغداد وهي جزء من

متطلبات نيل درجة دكتوراه فلسفة في الجغرافية


الأستاذ الدكتور

يوسف محمد علي حاتم الهذال 

الأستاذ الدكتور

سامي عزيز عباس العتبي

1436هـ - 2015م

Contrast in Indications of Climate

Changes of Elements of Iraqi Climate

and its Dust Phenomena


Fatimah Hamdi Salloom

A thesis

submitted to the Council of the College of Education

- Ibn Rushd- for Human Sciences - University of Baghdad in

Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements of the Degree of Ph.D

in Philosophy Geography

Supervised by

Prof .Dr. Yousif Mohammed Ali 

Prof .Dr. Sami Aziz Abbas

1436A.H - 2015 A.D


   That the study of contrast of climate change indicators in  elements of Iraq's climate and dust phenomena came to show  and explain the impact of the global changes that have occurred  and reflected on the change elements and climatic phenomena in  Iraq that have been relying on the general trend coefficient and  the coefficient of annual change and change (100%) of these  elements and climatic phenomena which has been reached that  the degrees of normal temperature and maximum and minimum  (m) take the trend leans toward the rise in the all weather  stations in the study area, the rainfall (mm) It has been shown  that it takes a trend tends to drop in all weather stations in the  study area, whether this was taken to the rate trend Annual or  monthly rate of these elements that are larger than the other,  represented by the elements and phenomena of climate made  clear where (solar brightness, wind speed, evaporation, relative  humidity, dust storms, rising dust, shake) dust they have seen  changes but not the same elements ( normal temperature and the  maximum and minimum and rain) as well as the case applies to  the climatic cycles of these elements and climatic phenomena  As for the quantitative analysis of the model of climatic  phenomena represented by the relationship (dust storms, rising  dust, airborne dust), they may differ these elements and climatic  phenomena of the weather station to another because of the  spatial and temporal variability of each station and according to  geographical factors, fixed and mobile, local factors that control  climate climate that surrounds the station.

    Was reached these results by using multiple linear regression  model was subjected to the results obtained by the test (T. Test)  and (F .Test) to test the moral faculty were relying on the overall  correlation coefficient (R) and the coefficient of multiple  determination (R2) to see how the influence of the independent  variables (unexplained) on the dependent variable (Y) and to  make sure the correct model test was to rely on quantitative  analysis and charts to illustrate more variables impact on the    dependent variable.

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