A Companion to Cultural Geography Edited by James S. Duncan

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A Companion to

Cultural Geography

Edited by

James S. Duncan

University of Cambridge

Nuala C. Johnson

Queen’s University, Belfast


Richard H. Schein

University of Kentucky




   Blackwell Companions to Geography is a blue-chip, comprehensive series covering each major subdiscipline of human geography in detail. Edited and contributed by the disciplines’ leading authorities, each book provides the most up-to-date and authoritative syntheses available in its field. The overviews provided in each Companion will be an indispensable introduction to the field for students of all levels, while the cutting-edge, critical direction will engage students, teachers, and practitioners alike.


1. A Companion to the City

Edited by Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson

2. A Companion to Economic Geography

Edited by Eric Sheppard and Trevor J. Barnes

3. A Companion to Political Geography

Edited by John Agnew, Katharyne Mitchell, and Gerard Toal

(Gearóid Ó Tuathail)

4. A Companion to Cultural Geography

Edited by James S. Duncan, Nuala C. Johnson, and Richard H. Schein

5. A Companion to Tourism

Edited by Alan A. Lew, C. Michael Hall, and Allan M. Williams


6. A Companion to Feminist Geography

Edited by Joni Seager and Lise Nelson

7. A Handbook to GIS

Edited by John Wilson and Stewart Fotheringham


Notes on Contributors viii

List of Figures and Tables xiii

1 Introduction 1

James S. Duncan, Nuala C. Johnson, and Richard H. Schein

Part I Introducing Cultural Geographies 9

2 Cultural Traditions 11

Richard H. Schein

3 Cultural Turns 24

Heidi Scott

4 A Critique of the Cultural Turn 38

Clive Barnett

Part II Theoretical Intersections 49

5 Historical Materialism and Marxism 51

Don Mitchell

6 Feminisms 66

Joanne Sharp

7 Poststructuralism 79

Deborah P. Dixon and John Paul Jones III

8 Psychoanalytic Approaches 108

Paul Kingsbury

9 Performance and Performativity: A Geography of

Unknown Lands 121

Nigel Thrift

Part III Nature/Culture 137

10 Cultures of Science 139

David N. Livingstone

11 Nature and Culture: On the Career of a False Problem 151

Bruce Braun

12 Cultural Ecology 180

Paul Robbins

13 Environmental History 194

Gerry Kearns

14 Ethics and the Human Environment 209

Jonathan M. Smith

Part IV Culture And Identity 221

15 Nationalism 223

John Agnew

16 Critical ‘Race’ Approaches to Cultural Geography 238

Audrey Kobayashi

17 Social Class 250

Nancy Duncan and Stephen Legg

18 Sexuality 265

Richard Phillips

19 The Body 279

Michael Landzelius

20 Consumption 298

James Kneale and Claire Dwyer

21 Public Memory 316

Nuala C. Johnson

Part V Landscapes 329

22 Economic Landscapes 331

Susan Roberts

23 Political Landscapes 347

Karen E. Till

24 Religious Landscapes 365

Lily Kong

25 Landscapes of Home 382

James S. Duncan and David Lambert

26 Landscapes of Childhood and Youth 404

Elizabeth A. Gagen

27 Landscape in Film 420

Robert Shannan Peckham

28 Landscape and Art 430

Stephen Daniels

Part VI Colonial and Postcolonial Geographies 447

29 Imperial Geographies 449

Daniel Clayton

30 Postcolonial Geographies 469

James R. Ryan

31 Diaspora 485

Carl Dahlman

32 Transnationalism 499

Cheryl McEwan

Index 513

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