Water Security and the Sustainable Development Goals

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Water Security and

the Sustainable

Development Goals





Kwangsuop Lim, UNESCO i-WSSM

Alexandros K. Makarigakis, UNESCO

Okjoo Sohn, UNESCO

Bitna Lee, UNESCO i-WSSM


Hyoseop Woo, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Dongjin Choi, Korea Research Institute for Environment & Development

Sungje Park, Future Resources Institute

Gwangseob Kim, Kyungpook National University

Sanguk Kim, Kangwon National University

Sewoong Jung, Chungbuk National University

Jungcheol Paik, Gangneung-Wonju National University

Eunsung Chung, Seoul National University of Science & Technology


Nidal Salim, Global Institute for Water Environment and Health (GIWEH), Switzerland.

Morgane Anziani-Vente, GIWEH, Switzerland.

Dana Madsen, GIWEH, Switzerland.

Philippe Gourbesville, Polytech Lab, Polytech Nice Sophia, University

Nice Sophia Antipolis, France.

Peter H. Gleick, Pacific Institute, CA, USA.

Charles Iceland, World Resources Institute, Washington DC. USA.

Morgan Shimabuku, Pacific Institute, CA, USA.

Hans Dencker Thulstrup, UNESCO Office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Neil S. Grigg, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University, CO, USA.

Bonnie A. Harken, Nautilus International Development Consulting, NY, USA.

Marcia M. Brewster, Nautilus International Development Consulting, NY, USA.

Hyun Jung Park, Institute for Climate Change Action, Republic of Korea.

Leehyung Kim, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,

Kongju National University, Republic of Korea.

Seungho Lee, Graduate School of International Studies, Korea University, Republic of Korea.

Fernanda Matos, University of Minas Gerais, MG, Brazil.

Norma Angelica Hernámdez-Bernal, University of Minas Gerais, MG, Brazil.

Ivan Beck Ckagnazaroff, University of Minas Gerais, MG, Brazil.

Alexandre de Pádua Carrieri, University of Minas Gerais, MG, Brazil.

Compilation assistance

Andrew Guitard, K-water

Cover and inside design:
©Junghwan Kim, Pieona Books & UNESCO i-WSSM

Cover photo (front):
©photo_jeongh/Shutterstock. Nakdonggang River, Korea

Cover photo (back):
©Thanya Jones/Shutterstock. Gapcheon River, Korea

Printed in Seoul, Republic of Korea




Water Security : A Dynamic Multidisciplinary Vision from Theory to Practice 21

01 Introduction 22

02 Definitions: Water Security 24

03 The Relationships between Water, the Local Environment, and Human Security 25

04 Objectives 25

05 Future Prospective: Integrated Water Resource Management 26

5.1. Water and Human Rights 27

5.2. Transboundary Water 30

5.3. Good Practices: Managing Water Security: Putting Best Practices into Action 33

06 Conclusion 4

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