Usage of Drainage Water in Irrigation : Applications on the Eastern Euphrates in Babylon Province

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 Usage of Drainage Water in Irrigation : Applications on the Eastern Euphrates in Babylon Province

Abdul Zahrah A. Aljenaby1 and Zaid Abdul Zahrah Aljenaby2
1Education Faculty, Babylon University, Babylon, Iraq.
2Environment ScienceFaculty, Alqasim Green University, Babylon, Iraq.

Int. J. Agricult. Stat. Sci. Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. ....-....., 2018

Abstract : Climate changes had caused a decline in the amount of rain falling on the Tigris and Euphrates basins, as well as the acceleration of their river heads countries in the establishment of control and storage projects, which led to a serious shortage of water supplies of the two rivers actually reached Iraq. As part of the solution, the study aims to analyze the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the Euphrates Drainage, which extends between Middle Euphrates Providences, to determine the possibility of using them in agriculture in areas where the drainage passes to alleviate the problem of water shortage. It was found from the laboratory analysis of the water and its quantities that the quantities were sufficient to invest economically, and the quality was medium salinity in summer, and can be modified salinity by the addition of fresh water or magnetized or both and then the cultivation of crops that are sensitive to salinity. It is proposed to establish an axis of sustainable development with the extension of the drainage in the provinces of Babil, Najaf and Qadissiya and cultivate more than (100) thousand acres, and collect the scatter settlement in modern agricultural villages based on by west water resources.
Key words : Water drainage, Irrigation, Development.

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