Create a new shapefile in ArcGIS Pro


Create a new shapefile in ArcGIS Pro

When we started in ArcGIS Pro, but within vector files our affinity is the famous *.SHP, although there are a variety of alternative formats to the popular shapefile.

In this post we are going to see how to create a new shapefile in ArcGIS Pro.

Inside the ArcToolbox go to or search for the Create Feature Class tool, located at:

ArcToolbox > Data Management Tools > Feature Class > Create Feature Class

Create a new shapefile in ArcGIS Pro

By default ArcGIS Pro points out that the new vector file will be created within a Geodatabase. But as a new shapefile is required, just replace the geodatabase with the name of a folder, and add the *.SHP format to the name of the vector file.

Create a new shapefile in ArcGIS Pro arctoolbox

In this sense, it is recommended to make the following configuration in the Create Feature Class tool:

  • Feature Class Location: Select a directory or folder (by default is a Geodatabase)
  • Feature Class Name: Select a name for the new shapefile, don’t forget to set the .shp extension.
  • Geometry Type: Select the type of geometry, be it points, lines or polygons.
  • Coordinate System: Selects the coordinate system of the new shp.

You can configure the rest of the parameters if you require them, and finally click on the Run button.

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