Atabek Of The Army Of Egypt In The Mamluk Period (648 -923 A.H) Master, Fayoum University 2015

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Atabek Of The Army Of Egypt In The Mamluk Period (648 -923 A.H) Master, Fayoum University 2015

Fayoum University
Factualy Of Dar El-Ulom
Department Of Islamic History and Civilization 
Atabek Of The Army Of Egypt In The Mamluk Period (648 -923 A.H /1250-1517 A.D)
 Degree: Master ,Prepared By Ahmed Abd Elfattah Hussien Mohamed Mohamed  , Supervised by
Pro. Dr: Sabry Abdullateef Seleem ,Dr: Wael Ahmed Ibrahim Ibrahim
1436.A.H /2015.A.D


Praise Be To Allah Through Whose Mercy (And Favors) All Good Things Are Accomplished, Peace And Blessings Be Upon Our Prophet Muhammad And Upon His Family And His Companions And Now:

The "Atabek Of The Army" Title Was Used With Any Person Who Was The General Leader Of The Army Forces In The Mamluk Reign (648- 923 Hijri/1250-1517 A.D.). The Origin Of The Word Was (Atabek) And Its Meaning Was The "Prince Father".The First One Who Had This Title Was "Nizam Al-Mulk Tusi", The Minister Of "Malik-Shah Ibn Seljuk Alp Arslan ", As The Sultan "Malik-Shah" Asked Him To Be Responsible For The Kingdom In (465 Hijri/1072 A.D.). Also, He Was Called With Many Other Titles Rather Than The Previous Mentioned One. The " Atabeklik " Was One Of The Most Important Positions In The Mamluk State And Also The Most Important Titles. The "Atabek" Participated Continually In Administrating The State Affairs, Was Asked To Solve Many Problems And Had The Last Decision Of Any Of Its Issues. Most Of The Time, He Was The Senior Leader And The First Leader Of Its Soldiers. Moreover, The State Could Not Announce The War Without The Agreement Of The "Atabek".

Thus, This Study Is About The Previous Mentioned Title. The Study Consists Of Introduction, Preface And Three Chapters. In The Introduction, There Are The Reasons For Choosing The Topic, Its Importance And The Most Important Search Sources. In The Preface, There Is An Illustration Of The Origin Of The Word "Atabek " Linguistically And Idiomatically And The Phases Of Its Development In The Islamic World Starting With The Seljuk Reign Till The Beginning Of The Mamluk Reign.

Chapter One Entitled, "The Atabek Of The Army Role In The Political Life" Is About The Duties Of The "Atabek" Of The Army In Egypt Represented In The Titles And Kinds Of Clothes That Were Given. In Addition, It Is About The Divan Of The "Atabek " And His Assistants Inside That Divan And His Relation With The Presidents Of Authority In Egypt; Represented In Mamluk Sultans, Abbasid Successors In Cairo And The Deputies Of Sultanate.

Chapter Two Entitled, "The Atabek Of The Army Role In The Military Life" Is About The Military Ranks Of The Mamluk Army And The Most Obvious One Was "Atabek ".Also, It Is About The Role Of The "Atabek " Towards The Soldiers And Their Appearance And The Military Uniform Of "Atabek ".In Addition, It Is About The " Atabek " Presidency Of The War Council, Protecting The State From The Outside Dangers, Putting Down Seditions And Internal And External Revolutions And Securing Pilgrimage Routes. Above That, There Is A Demonstration Of The "Atabek" Interest To Improve The International Relations Through Having Conciliation Treaties With The Foreign Countries.Also, The Chapter Shows The "Atabek " Interest In Martial Equipment Through The Weapons' Industry, The Interest In The Military Barns And The Navy.

Chapter Three Entitled, "The Atabek Of The Army Role In Civilization" Is About The All Civilized Works Of The "Atabeks" In Egypt In Different Economic And Social Aspects. Also, Some "Atabeks" Activated Trade And Did Coinage In Addition To Their Architectural Buildings. This Appeared In The Metal And Glass Antiques And Constructing Many Schools, Mosques, Small Mosques, Pubs, Agencies, Khanqahs, Drinking Fountains And Forts.

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