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تحميل ماجستير : الخصائص المناخية لمحافظة حضرموت: دراسة في الجغرافيا المناخية Climate characteristics of Hudhramout governorate (A study in Climate Geography)

الخصائص المناخية لمحافظة حضرموت

 دراسة في الجغرافيا المناخية


حسن عبدالله عمر القويري بافقير

إشراف الدكتور

عبدالحكيم محمد يوسف عبدالله

أستاذ الجغرافية المناخية المشارك

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الماجستير في الجغرافيا 

نيابة الدراسات العليا

جامعة حضرموت

ديسمبر - 2019 م

Climate characteristics 

of Hudhramout governorate

(A study in Climate Geography)

Prepared by :

Hassan Abdullah Omar Al-qwairi Bafaqeer

Supervision of :

Dr. Abdulhakem Mohammed Yusuf Abdullah

Professor of geospatial climate

This Thesis was Submitted in Partial fulfillment the Requirements for the Master's Degree of Geographically Deanship of Postgraduate studies Hudhramout University

Dec 2019

Faculty of Arts

Department of


Abstract : 

Climate characteristics of Hudhramout governorate 

Prepared by : Hassan Abdullah Omar Al-qwairi Bafaqeer 

Supervision of : Dr. Abdulhakem Mohammed Yusuf Abdullah 

   The aim of this study is to know the climatic characteristics and the factors affecting them in Hudhramout Governorate. This study relied on the descriptive approach, the historical approach, the quantitative approach, the regional approach, and programs related to geographical and climatic phenomena. The researcher also relied in his statistical data on the official authorities related to the subject of the study, as well as the use of NASA Meteorological Agency through its website, in addition to relying on a number of previous studies related to the subject of the study. This study included four chapters preceded by a general introduction to the subject of the study (the Proposal) which are as follows: 

Chapter one: review the most important geographical features of Hadhramaut Governorate. And he concluded that Hudhramout governorate possesses important natural ingredients and provides mature human wealth. 

The second chapter: deals with the geographical factors affecting the climate in Hudhramout governorate, in two studies that included the following:

The first topic: discussed the fixed geographical factors, and reached the influence of the geographical location, the astronomical location in addition to the important terrain and natural vegetation role on the temperature. 

The second topic: discussed the moving geographical factors, and reached the importance of surface pressure systems in moving the air masses, marine currents, and adjusting the air condition in the governorate. The El Nino phenomenon also has a clear impact on the climate, but in limited years. 
Chapter Three: This chapter discussed climate elements in three sections:

The first topic: eating solar radiation, solar brightness, and heat. 

The second topic: dealing with atmospheric pressure, wind, dust and sand storms. And he concluded that the governorate had a decrease in air pressure, which led to high wind speeds, and to the attraction of depressions and hurricanes. 

The third topic: rain consumption, relative humidity and evaporation. And reached a decrease in the amount of rain, irregular, but the mountainous regions are experiencing significant rain rates, in addition to the high rates of evaporation, and relative humidity, especially in coastal stations, and the station Sayun. 

Chapter Four: Specialized in studying the relationship between climate elements and climate classification in two topics: 

The first topic: He talked about the relationship between climatic elements. He concluded that there is a relationship that links most elements to each other, whether that relationship is direct or inverse. 

The second topic: touched on the study of the actual value of rain, and the classification of the province into climatic regions according to the equation and classification of Vladimir Köppen. He found a decrease in the actual value of the rain, and the climate classification was found: dry desert climate region (Bwh).

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