شبة جزيرة سيناء دراسة في الجغرافيا السياسية The Sinai peninsula (A study of political geography)

شبة جزيرة سيناء

دراسة في الجغرافيا السياسية

The Sinai peninsula

(A study of political geography)

إعداد الطالب

کرم ناصر إسماعيل أحمد


در کامل سالم أبو ضاهر

قدم هذا البحث استكمالاً لمتطلبات درجة الماجستير
من قسم الجغرافيا بكلية الدراسات الآداب 

في الجامعة الإسلامية بغزة - فلسطين 

1434هـ - 2013م


  This study examines one of the most important pillars and geostrategic locations in the Arab world; it is mainly about the Sinai Peninsula, which is the separation point between the Asian and African continents and the convergence for States with a political weight on the world political and strategic map. It is a location of political and religion conflict and the assembly point of colonial, economic, military and strategic interests.

  This study aims at understanding the geostrategic realities of the Sinai Peninsula and showing the power extent that distinguishes Sinai in terms of physical, human or economic powers.

  The strategic importance of political borders in securing the Egyptian State is highlighted and so is the level of concern and threat that come from those political boundaries .

  The study focuses on Sinai axes of movement, strategy Centre and international trade routes through the Suez Canal, which is one of the most important commercial andmilitary traffic hubs in the Sinai Peninsula, and the defensive lines in front of military objectives that promote first lines to protect the Arabic Republic of Egypt. The study also discusses how to predict the future of geostrategic power of Sinai especially after the political changes in the Middle East.

    The study depends on many scientific research methods: descriptive and explanatory approaches as well as the power analytical approach used in the political and strategic studies.

  The study recommends that the sustainable development of Sinai should be accelerated and defensive, demographic and urban plans to be set. Investment should be conducted in the economic resources to achieve self-sufficiency.

  There is a need to unify all the comprehensive development efforts for Sinai to secure the first lines of the Arabic Republic of Egypt.

    The study concludes that the Sinai Peninsula is an important geostrategic location, Fulcrum Governor on the world map, and that all its natural, human and economic fundamentals are confluences for geostrategic power of Sinai although there are some weaknesses that can be controlled.

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