The Economics of Science and Innovation: New Directions Mario Coccia

The Economics of Science

and Innovation:

New Directions

Mario Coccia

National Research Council of Italy

Visiting Scholar Arizona State University, USA




Chapter 1

An Introduction to the methods of inquiry in social sciences


Chapter 2

The origins of the economics of innovation


Chapter 3

Evolution of the economics of science in the Twenty Century


Chapter 4

Classification of innovation considering technological



Chapter 5

Theorem of not independence of any technological



Chapter 6

The Fishbone diagram to identify, systematize and analyze

the sources of general purpose technologies


Chapter 7

Motivations of scientific research in society


Chapter 8

Competition between basic and applied research in the

organizational behavior of public research labs


Chapter 9

Types of government and innovative performance of



Chapter 10

Disruptive firms and industrial change


Chapter 11

Measurement and assessment of the evolution of technology

with a simple biological model


Chapter 12

Functionality development of product innovation: An

empirical analysis of the technological trajectories of



Chapter 13



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