Geological Correlation

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Geological Correlation

Report of the International Geological Correlation Programme (IGCP); Geological correlation; Vol.:20; 1992

Report of the twentieth session of the IGCP Board 5

Introduction, list of participants 5

Opening address by the representative of the Director-General of UNESCO 7

Address by DrR. Brett, Secretary-General of IUGS 7

Address by the Acting Director of the Earth Sciences Division 7

Report by the IGCP Secretary, DrE. Dudich, on 1991 9

Report by the Chairman of the Scientific Committee 16

Comments of Board members on 1991 activities 17

Discussion of how to deal with financial problems 17

Review of annual reports of IGCP National Committees 19

Review of regional IGCP meetings 19

Discussion of the recommendations of the Scientific Committee

on the project annual reports and project proposals 20

Co-operation^with other programmes and organizations 21

1. International Commission on Stratigraphy 21

2. UNESCO World Heritage Commission 21

3. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission 21

IGCP presence at the 29th IGC, Kyoto, Japan, 1992 21

Other business 21

Dates of the next sessions of the Scientific Committee and the Board 22

Adoption of the minutes 22

Chairman's concluding remarks 22

The nineteenth session of the IGCP Scientific Committee 24

Address by Dr A. Badran, Assistant Director-General for Science,

representative of the Director-General of UNESCO 26

Address by Professor U.G. Cordani, President of IUGS 26

Address by the Acting Director of the Earth Sciences Division of UNESCO 27

Introduction of new members 27

Election of the Chairman 27

Organization of the Committee's work and adoption of the agenda 27

Report of the IGCP Secretary, Dr E. Dudich 27

Assessment of project reports and project proposals 27

Recommendations of the working groups for 1993 and 1994 27

29th IGC, Kyoto, Japan 28

Public relations 28

Financial support from OPEC 28

Concluding remarks by the Chairman 28

List of IGCP projects (status as of February 1992) 29

Progress of IGCP projects in 1991 32

IGCP projects approved and starting in 1992 132

Members of the IGCP Board (1992) 137

Members of the IGCP Scientific Committee (1992) 139

IGCP National Committees (February 1992) 141

IGCP contact addresses (February 1992) 153

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