Female Crimes in Jeddah from a Geographical Perspective

Female Crimes 

in Jeddah from a Geographical Perspective

Laila Saleh Zazoe

Department of Geography 

Art and Humanities College, King Abdalaziz University

Pakistan Journal of Applied Sciences 2(8):865 -877, 2002. 


   The study revealed that the negative aspects of social change could not be ignored; the rapid change of society due to the influx of foreigners to work did have such negative aspects. Moreover, the religious visitors for hajj and ummera and economic changes have included attracted many immigrants who stay and exert considerable influence on the civil stability of the country. Females commit most of these crimes and the statistical figures revealed that crime rate was higher for female foreigners than for female Saudis. As we shall see, these studies have relevance to police effectiveness.

Key Words: Female Offender, Location of Crimes, Social Problems,  Foreigners


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