تحديد أيام الراحة (المناخية – الفسيولوجية) في مدينة دهوك باستخدام تصنيف"تيرجنج"

تحديد أيام الراحة (المناخية – الفسيولوجية)

في مدينة دهوك باستخدام تصنيف"تيرجنج"

نشوان شكري عبد الله

جامعة دهوك / كلية الآداب / قسم الجغرافيا 

Specifying the phyological and climatic comfortable days in Duhok city by Terjung standard (( A study in Practical Climatology ))

Abstract :

   The study aims to practise Terjung classification of climatic and physiological territories according to the clamatic data ( information) in Duhok city stations to specify the relationship between the climate and people’s emotions and the degree of their feelings of comfort and discomfort . It also tries to reveal types of the daily physiological climate to specify comfortable and discomfortable days . The study is divided in to three sections . The first section tried to identify the concept of physiological and climatic comfort . The second section is concerned with clarifying the Terjung classification and his practical procedures . The third section deals with ontlining and analysing the results of the study . The study concludes that the number of the comfortable days is very limited , not more than 80 days or (21,9 % ) out of the days of the year , these days are specifically within three months of Spring and September and October of autumn , while the other days of the year are discomfortable climatically due to either the effect of hotness or coldness .

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