دكتوراه: الخصائص المورفومترية للأودية الموسمية في إقليم البطانة (2005 - 2007)

الخصائص المورفومترية للأودية الموسمية في إقليم البطانة

(2005 - 2007)

عبد الله عباس البخيت الأمين 

بكالوريوس الشرف في آداب الجغرافيا, جامعة النيلين (2001م)

ماجستير الآداب في الجغرافيا الطبيعية, جامعة الجزيرة (2011م)

بحث مقدم لنيل درجة دكتوراه الفلسفة في الجغرافيا

(الجغرافيا الطبيعية) - قسم الجغرافيا والتاريخ  - كلية التربية 

حنتوب - جامعة الــجـزيـرة  


د. محمد احمد حاج على الزبير          المشرف الأول

د. محمد الشيخ عبدالرحمن الشيخ       المشرف الثاني


The morphomitric characteristics of Seasonal Valleys in AL-Butana Region, Sudan (2005 – 2017)

Abd Allah Abbas AL-Bkhit AL-Amin

Ph.d in Geography – major: Physical Geography– April- 2018

Department of Geography and History

Faculty of Education- Huntoub

University of Gezira


  Seasonal valleys basins are the most Geomorphological forms that spread on earth surface. They are also the most important Geomorphological forms in the dry and semidry environments. They are affected by many natural factors such as climate and typed of geological formations and slope of earth surface. For all these reasons the seasonal valleys became the main source of water in the dry environments where water is rare and less available in such environments. The study aims to study the seasonal valleys basins in ALButana region to identify the most important morphometric and morphological characteristics of those valleys and the manner in which these characteristics affect the quantities of running water in the region valleys to find out the best ways through which the largest quantity water can be utilized for the benefit of man in the region. The descriptive analytic, regional and morphometric methods were used. The primary sources of the study are : maps that are got from the Survey Department such as typographical maps of the region with a scale 1:250.000 in addition to contour maps with a scale 1:100.000 and telstars of the artificial satellite land sat of the antenna TM and a model of the digital heights DIM. Data was manipulated by the geographical information system by the Arc map 10 – 2 program. Several morphometric characteristics of the valleys were calculated such as length, width, surveying and perimeter in addition to drawing maps that show the limits of basins and drainage networks of valleys and their forms. Quantities of running water in those valleys are estimated by using some mathematical equators such as Tasholi 1969 and Kinghton 1984. The most important results revealed by the study are : the catchment water in AL-Butana region basins and the running water in its valleys are of large quantities but there are natural factors that preveut utilizing the quantities of water contained in those basins such as rise in temperature rates that increase water differences through vaporization and the solid geological formations that hasten loss of water by hastening its running and drain to the neighboring rivers and the sedimentary formations that allow flowing out of water quickly to the under surface soil layer. Consequently the study revealed the best methods of utilizing that water are the methods innovated and followed by the man of the region, by practicing the most suitable human activities to the nature circumstances in the region such as : grazing, rain farming and some simple methods of harvesting water. The study recommends carrying out more detailed morphometric studies for each basin by using Remote sensing . Besides establishing hydraulic record stations to measure water fall and drain quantities for each basin. 

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