Climate impacts of environmental degradation in Sudan

كوكب الجغرافيا يناير 21, 2019 يناير 21, 2019
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المناخ وتذليل البيئة في السودان

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Climate impacts of environmental degradation in Sudan

There exists an impressive amount of work for Sudan showing the anthropogenic degradation of natural vegetation cover.
However, there are few examples of consequent climatic changes in literature. This work, thus, seeks to assess such effects
of environmental forcing on various climatic patterns over the past few decades. Within the frame of the present analysis,
the results are quite striking and are in concordance with scientific contentions that such land degradation could result
in climatic modification. Higher temperature and less rainfall, sunshine duration and global radiation have been noticed.

Evapotranspiration has responded more to the warming and drying conditions, thus showed signs of increasing rates,
especially during the wet season. However, the extent of increase seems to have been suppressed by the decrease in sunshine
duration and solar radiation as well as the inconsistent behaviour of wind speed. Changes in the variability of the within-year
monthly observations have also occurred thus suggesting an increase in the occurrence of extremes. The observed climatic
modification in the country has exaggerated the insidious drought conditions. The present findings are hoped to contribute
to our understanding of the effects of environmental problem and assist in considering policy responses.

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